We have successfully supplied to the following industries

Automotive (Aluminium / Speciality Steels)

Omega Steel & Alloy have developed and assisted newly found producers of Aluminium extruded and drawn products of Asian origin, we have helped export their product to growing European car manufacturers, which also include OEM companies. 

As a result of increased sales of high quality material, our suppliers continuously expand their production facilities in house and abroad, whilst keeping up to date with cutting edge technologies.

Omega Steel & Alloy’s range of supply in Aluminium include drawn, extruded, sheet, plate and coil products to customers specification and also supply of casting billets. Some of the applications include automatic transmissions, air-conditioning parts, brake systems, suspension, turbo housing, bushes, brake parts, steering components, turbo billets etc.

Since its inception, Omega Steel & Alloy have also supplied critical materials such as refined Steel and high grade Aluminium for high performance car components to the Automotive aftermarket industries.

Omega Steel & Alloy continue to innovate and evolve itself by its research and knowledge of understanding new Industries, new products and world trends.

We are looking forward to your specific inquiries and detailed specifications and also bring savings to your organisation in the future. 



Australia’s infrastructure has been growing rapidly. In order to keep up with our population growth we have seen many roads, bridges, wharfs, apartments and railways either being re-constructed or built for this purpose. OSA has positioned itself to supply structural material to these growing industries, projects we have supplied to include:

  • Shepparton bridge (Government Project)
  • LCRP 1 (Level Crossing Removal Project, Bourke Rd) (Government Project)
  • O-BAHN Freeway (Government Project)
  • Ibis Styles Hotel (South Bank)
  • Ferrars Offices (South Melbourne)
  1. Sheet Piling - Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled, made from High Tensile Steel
    Section include : U - Section, Z - profile, ‘Hat’ - Section and Flat Web Section
  2. Pipe Piling - Spiral Welded, SSA, LSAW 200 - 3200mm Diameter
    up to 28mm Wall Thickness - Lengths to be advised
  3. Foundation Bolts - Anchor Bolts - Tie Rods
  4. Train Rail, Light Rail, Crane Rail (Qu70, Qu80, Qu100), Railway Switches, Tube (carbon / alloy / stainless)
  5. Stainless Steel - grade T304, T316 (T316L) Duplex, Cu/Ni etc.
  6. Tube and pipe fittings, flanges and pumps

Note :  Coating of Piling and Tube, also Welding Services (clutches, accessories, etc) available from our supplier prior to shipment.

Please contact us for the supply of the above mentioned products and we look forward to your enquiries and detailed specification of any current/further projects.